Happy World Sleep Day! Hoping you all got your rest last night. Here are some tips for a better sleep.

As we start off the new year trying to reach the resolutions we set out, don’t give up! It takes a while before we are able to start building new habits and maintaining them, don’t give up and keep pushing. You are already halfway through the month of January! Don’t be like this dog and start your new you and same you ;p

If you are tossing and turning at night take a look at this article. It will go over tips and tricks on how to go about your day in order to improve your sleeping habits at nights

Healthline has 12 tips on ways you can incorporate water into your day. Some people like to track it through an app or on a water bottle in order to visually see that it was completed. Other people can add flavors or lemon to change up the taste of their water in order for them to drink water throughout the day. Are you drinking enough water?

If you are feeling tense, tired, or just want to relax for 10 min at your desk, give this yoga video a go. This will allow you to relax and take a moment to just breathe. Hopefully this helps and is able to help your mind reset!

Aren’t the best exercises the ones where you are able to stay seated? Well, if that’s your cup of tea take a look at the video below. It goes over some great exercises that can be easily done at work or home, no equipment required!

This video gives a quick 3 min recap on making sure your desk and work chair are adapting to you. The ergonomic expert in the video goes over the importance of adjusting the heights of the monitors and chairs, as well as elaborating the importance of stretching and moving around. Take a look!

Farmer’s Markets can seem daunting to some and it shouldn’t be that way. By shopping at a farmer’s market you are helping your local farmers and economy, purchasing in season fruits/vegetables, and allows you to shop in different locations. Let me know your experiences at the farmer’s market when you go!

Visit this website: https://www.balboapark.org/residents-free. There they will break down the calendar on what Tuesdays are free for CA residents!