This blog gives a couple of ways that we can try and reduce our carbon footprint. As we can see throughout the world during this time, the fact is that as all of the commuting is limited right now we are seeing the impacts it has on our earth. We are starting to see the impact we have on our world and the ways that we are contributing to pollution and our carbon footprint. Let’s challenge ourselves and do one of these suggestions, to see how we can slowly reduce our carbon footprint and inform others.

This article breaks down the top 10 facts about recycling. Once you finish reading this article you will feel more informed! I know when I first read it, it made me realize how much I continue to learn on a day to day basis.

Happy World Sleep Day! Hoping you all got your rest last night. Here are some tips for a better sleep.

If you take a look throughout your home or office space, you can easily find plastic containers laying around. Plastic contains a certain component that is not biodegradable and unable to be consumed by the earth’s bacteria. Therefore, it is crucial that we become informed on the plastic processing and try to avoid using single use plastic containers. Throughout the next two weeks I will be posting videos on plastic pollution and general information. Thank you for your attention. Here is an article on Canada, who pledged to ban single-use plastics by 2021.

If you feel like your office/clinic needs more greenery, I have just the article for you! This article will go over the perfect plant for you and your plant needs. It discusses the maintenance that comes with caring for a plant, their light requirements, and how frequently you’re apparently suppose to be wipe down your plants from dust particles (whoops on my part). Hopefully this inspires you to get your own plants from a local nursery.