If you are able to take a small break throughout the day, give this video a try! This video is a guided meditation that is designed for the workplace. It will allow you to reset your mind and body, then allow you to continue on with your day in a better mindset. The voiceover this video provides is great, it will allow you to fully close your eyes and allow you to focus on your breathing. All you need for this meditation video is some headphones and your phone or desk computer.

We all encounter everyday stressors in our lives. Relaxation techniques for stress relief article will give you some guided tips that you can try and maybe implement when you’re feeling tense or stressed.

As many of aim to reduce stress through a plethora of techniques, yoga is one of them and loved by many. Here in San Diego there are 5 resources that are free and affiliated with Scripps, where you bring your mat and join in on the relaxation. If you would like more places where you are able to join a class for donation – as they tend to be, please send me an email!

Here are some helpful tips from the American Heart Association. For another article relating to stress please refer to 3 Tips to Manage Stress.

Farmer’s Markets can seem daunting to some and it shouldn’t be that way. By shopping at a farmer’s market you are helping your local farmers and economy, purchasing in season fruits/vegetables, and allows you to shop in different locations. Let me know your experiences at the farmer’s market when you go!

Take a look at this HuffPost article on 7 tips to organize your work space. Sometimes a little rearranging within the office cna make a huge difference on your attitude. Get rid of clutter on your desk and in your mind.

Visit this website: https://www.balboapark.org/residents-free. There they will break down the calendar on what Tuesdays are free for CA residents!