If you are inquiring about apps that can help you with the hydration challenge, here are a few that are typically free but have in app purchases:

If you are interested in trying yoga but are afraid to try, start with this sitting desk yoga! It’s easy to follow and there is no talking throughout the video. Yoga with Adriene brings calmness to your screen by allowing you to listen to relaxing music as the directions on what you are to do pop up on the screen. It’s a really nice way to break your day if you are trying to stretch or mentally disconnect.

This 11 minute video below is for your hands, fingers, and wrists. Hopefully this video will give you some new stretches that can be incorporated into a stretching routine or during your breaks.

Our everyday life can sometimes be going through the motions. What if one day, out of nowhere disaster strikes, are you ready? Are you ready to just grab your family and pets and head out the door if needed at the drop of a hat? If the answer to one or both of these questions is no, maybe it’s time to make an emergency plan and create an emergency kit. Click on the links to get more information and to create your kit.

Don’t want to cook tonight and are looking for cheap bites? Take a look at San Diego’s Magazine happy hour breakdown. It includes many areas around San Diego for food and… beverages :).

Here are some helpful tips from the American Heart Association. For another article relating to stress please refer to 3 Tips to Manage Stress.

Take a look at this HuffPost article on 7 tips to organize your work space. Sometimes a little rearranging within the office cna make a huge difference on your attitude. Get rid of clutter on your desk and in your mind.